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Understanding the Importance of Maintaining your Storage Shed

In order to maximize the life of your storage shed, there are a few vital steps that should be followed to maintain its integrity.

Temperature regulation

Summer heat is harsh, especially on your storage shed, that’s why it’s crucial that you keep it ventilated to ensure a constant flow of air. Without proper ventilation, you may risk the possibility of moisture build up that could potentially damage not only your storage shed, but all the items that are stored inside.

Painting and Caulking

Sheds by Firemen recommend using an exterior paint with an oil based primer for your storage shed. The painting will not only make your storage shed look more appealing, it provides protection against water. Paint is a watertight barrier that keeps the sun and water from touching the wood your storage shed is composed of. It serves as a protective coating.

Caulking your storage shed immediately after its completion is highly recommended. Caulking prevents water from passing between your siding and trim. Your wood needs to be able to move, so caulk will allow the wood to shrink and swell as a result of different temperatures and levels of humidity. This will ultimately preserve the lifespan of your storage shed.

Clear your sheds surroundings

The last thing anyone wants is their shed being damaged by a bag of mulch or stacked firewood. It’s imperative to be sure that nothing is touching, or leaning against your storage shed. This creates the opportunity for moisture and termites to enter your storage shed and cause unfathomable damage.

Annual upkeep of your storage shed is essential when trying to prolong its efficiency. Always remember to care for your storage shed just as you would care for your home.

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